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Tenacious Lawyer with Great Skills!
First of all, Leslie took our case when no one else would as we don't have deep pockets and our case is a difficult one. She stayed with us through thick and thin and our case is now in process. She has given us hope when we had lost all hope. She will stick with you when things get tough.
Spectacular Lawyer!!! 
Ms. Leslie was as the title says, spectacular! I can't find a better word to describe her, she really outdid herself today.  It was a battle of landlord's representative vs Ninja Negotiator aka Ms. Margolies.  All of her paperwork was neat and organized and presented well.  Her argument could not be refused because it was sound and irresistibly hands down unavoidable.  The judge even had to verify what she had presented that it made him make a phone call and after the results were in the case was over!  The Landlord's representative didn't even have a fighting chance and couldn't defend a fly, because his evidence had no merit.  He continued to try to talk over her but she wasn't having it!  When it was her turn to speak it was her turn to speak and she wasn't allowing anyone to step over her!  Anyhow, we won the case thanks to her wonderful talents and expertise...  Overall she is a capable, kind, and hardworking lawyer, I would recommend [her] to anyone who needs a lawyer that can get the job done.
Knowledgeable and Professional 
​I have used Leslie's legal and realtor services and have had an excellent experience with both. She intervened in a dispute I was having with a general contractor while in the process of flipping a house. With her strong negotiating skills, I was able to avoid a potentially costly legal battle and get my house flip back on track. I have found her to be knowledgeable and professional and her fees are affordable. I would recommend Leslie's legal and realtor services to anyone.
Top Notch Representation
Leslie is an excellent agent with a wide variety of skills and expertise to assist her clients in both a very highly competent and compassionate manner. She is truly an agent's agent.  She has assisted my divorce mediation clients with their real estate needs in a manner that has left them completely satisfied every time. Her unique background as an attorney with knowledge of the legal aspects of the transaction...make her a sure bet every time for any client who needs top-notch representation in either buying or selling a home.  Most recently, in one of our transactions, several legal pitfalls arose which could have derailed the sale. Thanks to Leslie's knowledge, care, concern, and hard work, we were able to salvage the deal to the client's satisfaction. 5-star realtor who is highly recommended to anyone either buying or selling a home!
Workhorse for her Clients
Leslie is a top-notch realtor who is also a workhorse for her client(s). Her knowledge of the market and legal matters as a lawyer has served me and my family very well in a very complicated estate sale after my mother's death. She is highly competent, ethical, pleasant and very easy to work with.  It is very clear that Leslie's clients come first and that she works for them rather than them working for her. She comes highly recommended.
Caught All of the Mistakes
​Leslie has made the experience of buying a house fun and painless. Leslie was very knowledgeable about the area we were looking. When it came time for closing having a realtor that is also a lawyer came in handy. She reviewed every part of the closing docs and caught all of the mistakes that were there.  I really appreciate having Leslie as my Realtor and I recommend her to will not regret it!