Our Fees

At The Real Estate Law Group, we are dedicated to providing affordable legal representation without sacrificing professionalism.  Whenever possible, we will charge a flat fee.  All other matters are charged at a sliding scale hourly rate ranging from $75 per hour up to $225  per hour, depending upon your financial circumstances.  We do not charge for office consultations but we do ask that you make a donation (of an amount between $20 to $100 would be appreciated) to The Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger.

Flat Fee Services

  • Bylaws or Operating Agreement - $375
  • Contract - $575 to $875
  • Deed Transfer - $575 plus costs
  • Formation of LLC or Corp - $575 + costs
  • Joint Venture Agreement - $875
  • Lease Agreement (residential) - $875
  • Lease Agreement (commercial) - $1,250
  • Lease-Purchase Agreement - $1,250
  • Partnership Agreement - $1,250
  • Landlord Tenant (residential)- $575 to $875
  • Landlord Tenant (commercial) -$1000 - $1200
  • Promissory Note & Mortgage - $375 each
  • Real Estate Transaction - $1,500 up to $2,500
  • Small Claims Court - $575 up to $875 + costs

Sliding Scale Hourly Fees

For all complex litigation matters in the Court of Common Pleas we will charge an hourly rate on a sliding scale. Our hourly fees are on a sliding scale so you will be charged between $75 per hour up to $225 per hour depending upon your personal financial circumstances.

We also have a cloud based billing system which provides simple and easy-to-understand bills which specifically outlines how your money is spent. So you will never be left in the dark wondering where your money went.

For all non-complex litigation such as municipal and district court hearings we charge a flat fee of between $575 snf $1,200 so ask us for a quote for your particular situation.

We pride ourselves on helping others in need and we do make some exceptions in unusual circumstances.

Retainer Amounts

A retainer is the amount you must put on deposit with a law firm to get started on your case.  With the Real Estate Law Group, flat fees are typically paid in full upfront. Most retainers for flat fee matters range from $575 to $875. However, for complex litigation matters, we require a minimum retainer of $1,500.

Please note that ALL Pennsylvania licensed attorneys are obligated to comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct with regard to legal fees, the escrow of your retainer and the performance of their legal services.  If you suspect an attorney of violating the Rules of Professional Conduct, please contact the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

If you have any questions about legal fees, our retainer or the funds held in escrow, please do not hesitate to ask.